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Social Media Management

In today's world, Social Media dominates everything. The days of information channels being controlled solely by the media elite have gone. Now there is space for ALL information to be shared. The OFPR Team knows that an online community of Twitter or Facebook users can build your business or brand, or destroy it. To enter into this new fray, we offer a Social Media Management package as a part of meeting our clients' public relations goals. We create and customize a management strategy that can help build a positive presence and increase any brand's visibility exponentially. The phenomenal growth of Social Media (texting, blogging, online networking) has the attention of every major company. Our team understands that in order to gain the most for their clients, we must offer the best of what is available.

Strategic Consulting

We customize a comprehensive program for all our clients that integrates public relations and branding efforts with their overall goals. We create and execute a two-step plan for your organization that consists of message development and tactical campaigns designed to build on your initiatives to generate constant, wide-ranging media coverage. Our first step is to understand your position in the marketplace and the media. We accomplish that by conducting an audit of the media coverage that your industry receives in order to establish a baseline. Then we develop messaging targeted at specific audiences that supports your company's needs and objectives, while at the same time underscoring your competitors' weaknesses.  Whenever possible, we will take that extra step to connect your brand or company with recognizable representatives and spokespersons who could offer additional media appeal. 

Media Image Consulting

How you are perceived by the public is important. Your appearance, your tone, and your delivery all work together to gain the trust of the people you are trying to reach.  We will work together to turn an awkward smile or handshake into a well-received and powerful presence that projects confidence and competence. We are not in the business of tearing people down. We want to build on the qualities you already have working for you and show you the secrets of how to keep people listening.  

Media Relations

We approach various media outlets and publications through press releases, promotional letters, and personalized industry contacts, all with the goal of increasing your coverage and mentions. We also identify key spokespersons and create opportunities for them to provide insight into timely and topical news-related issues to members of the press. We organize and arrange press conferences and publicity and promotional events, and develop the necessary corporate background materials and press kits. We also place spokespersons and senior executives on speaking platforms at industry forums.

Media Evaluation and Analysis of Coverage

We will examine a random sampling of articles from our client's media coverage. The sampling will be based on the intended message and/or product during a specified period of time. It will only consider the coverage from the selected targeted top daily newspapers, national broadcast outlets and wire services. We will identify the key message and spokespersons covered and determine their prominence to assess the impact of the mentions. The evaluation will report results in terms of mentions rather than stories. The difference: A single story usually has information about more than one company, spokesperson and/or product. Our aim is to analyze the number of impressions over a period of time to gauge the impact of the news coverage.

Crisis Management

We believe in preemptive planning to reduce damage control should a crisis arise. We identify risks, impacts, and probabilities of damage due to product recalls, litigations, high profile legal matters, or personnel problems and prepare a fast- response to prevent negative exposure. Our job is to see what's coming around the corner, positive or negative, and to have several contingencies in place to maintain business-as-usual so that our client's creditability remains intact.

Public and Government Affairs

In addition to business and governments, we also work with organizations and developers who need to engage in positive and constructive dialogue with their local residents, community groups and leaders. We organize public hearings and disseminate information on behalf of our client to incorporate public input into their projects. We create and write newsletters and present direct-mail campaigns for matters pertaining to public policy. We have firsthand knowledge of most issues because as residents in our respective neighborhoods, we all want the same things: safety, clean streets, good public schools and value in our community. We work with both sides of an issue to build bridges of mutual understanding and accountability.

Editorial Services

We produce and maintain content for Web sites, newsletters, brochures and official publications for various industries. We also take part in the editorial process involved in speech making, talking points, corporate advertising, and articles, especially when our client does not have a writer on staff. We also have a copyeditor who uses the format from the latest edition of “The Associated Press Stylebook” for all written materials.