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The Production and Development Team works with every sector of One Free Public Relations, Inc., (OFPR) to develop digital media-based projects and solutions. Our expert team provides ways to address our clients' public relations (PR) needs using film, video, and new media. We work to be on top of trends in television, film, the Internet, phone, and radio technology, in order to develop insightful and effective solutions.

Research and Development

We provide our own IN-HOUSE research, writing and development for each of our clients' projects. This enables us to work in conjunction with our Media Services team to tailor a comprehensive and effective production strategy.


We ensure that our clients work with a crew of experienced technicians to execute all their film and video endeavors. In addition, our team provides support and feedback on the clients' media appearances, campaigns, and all other production-related activities.


We provide editors who work to ensure polished and professional results. In the final stages, we work alongside our Media Services team to strategically market and distribute the clients' finished products.