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Francyne Ellison, President
Francyne is the founder of One FREE Public Relations, Inc. (OFPR). Her work is considered “a step above the rest.” She has nearly 20 years of experience in celebrity journalism, from covering the red carpet to managing the communications efforts of major political campaigns. She was head of research and editorial for three national magazines and has been a public speaker, traveling around the country speaking on human interest and community subjects. She is known for assembling the brightest individuals to work on her teams, which is why One FREE Public Relations, Inc., is a full service, multilingual media company. She is also the founder of Front Porch Love, a not-for-profit corporation for runaway teens and their parents and resides in New York City with her grandson and four furry companions.

Danni Ai, Senior Director of New Media
Danni is the Lead Designer at DACCo Multimedia, Inc and Senior Director of New Media for One Free Public Relations & Parris Media. This partnership extends our services to digital design and multimedia: logos, websites, books, mobile-applications, videos, audio presentations, animations, and illustrations. We help make our clients' visions tangible to their customers, activists, fans, and/or followers.  Along with a wonderful and talented pool of electronic designers, our partnership with DACCo Multimedia, Inc has a unique purpose: We edify children and subsidize their education with profits and everyone wins.  By hiring us, you invest in your immediate future, as you help under-privileged students. #teamwork

Deborah Lewis, Senior Publicist
Deborah has over 20 years of celebrity, fashion, pop culture, and lifestyle journalism experience. Her well-established Rolodex gets her clients into the hottest and most sought-after events, and her reputation garners leverage for her clients to receive good placement in the mainstream media. She is married with three beautiful children and plans one day to launch her own fashion line.

Keith Parsons, Senior Account Manager
Keith is the public relations, corporate communications and community affairs specialist. He represents our clients spanning various industries including professional services, community affairs, nonprofit, consumer products, and more. Parsons also served as an account executive at Bill Kota, Hill & Wotten Public Affairs and he has handled local, national and international media relations; booked/toured spokespersons to media interviews across the country; developed advertising and promotional programs; and ghostwrote and placed articles in major publications. He has over 20 years of experience.
Keith at One FREE Public Relations, Inc.

Sandy D, Account Manager
Sandy has 10 years of experience in the television and entertainment industries. Her experience in public relations, product promotions and events staging makes her an invaluable member to OFPR. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of California. She moved to New York to work for WNBC in their public affairs special programs department. She lives with her husband and cat, Twinkles.
Sandy at One FREE Public Relations, Inc.

Lucy Chang, Editorial Specialist
Lucy has 18 years of experience in a wide variety of communications disciplines, including speech writing, journalism, book publishing copyediting, retail and consumer product analysis. Chang's unique expertise and accomplishments enabled her to serve as the public affairs director and lobbyist for a higher education advocacy association and she has worked on a number of features for national magazines and newspapers.
Lucy at One FREE Public Relations, Inc.

Special Events & Implementation (Los Angeles)

Stephanie Keys, Executive Director
Stephanie is an entertainment and sports industry insider, with over 30 years of experience in film and TV, including pre- and post-production, development and management, event planning, and product marketing and placement. Her client list consists of A-List and Fortune 500 CEOs. She prides herself in taking ideas from conception to the finished product.

Marketing & Branding

Lyndell Parris, Executive Director of Marketing & Development
Lyndell is the creative mind and managing partner behind OFPR’s success. She has an M.B.A., and over 15 years of health care management and business development experience. This includes positioning, marketing, and branding for top industry corporations, as well as associations and charities. She held a top position as the CEO of Queench! a public beverage company. She sits on the board of various foundations and non-profits. She spends her free time with her two children between their homes in New York and Atlanta.

Soroya Pottinger Campbell, Marketing Specialist
Soroya has a very diverse background in marketing, journalism and event planning. She has over ten years of experience working in the entertainment, fashion, publishing and hospitality industries. She has an undergraduate degree in English and African-American Studies from Syracuse University, a Master's in Media Studies from The New School University and a Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in General Management from Metropolitan College of New York. She has studied in London and Paris, and enjoys exploring the world. She is creative, outgoing, detail-oriented and ambitious.
Soroya at One FREE Public Relations, Inc.

Government Affairs (Washington, D.C.)

L.D. Foster, Government Affairs Division
L.D. has been on the political scene for the past decade, writing for mainstream publications and top political advisers. Her experience is broad. She has worked in international affairs and transportation policy and has led the communications efforts of various local and national political campaigns. Her work with OFPR’s political clients has garnered them favorable coverage. She is single and lives with her two cats and dog.