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One FREE Public Relations, Inc., (OFPR) has successfully delivered marketing strategies, branding, and implementation solutions to clients across industry sectors ranging from health and beauty, non-profit, corporate, entertainment, political, and B2B business enterprises. One thing remains the same: We thrive on offering personal, one-on-one service for all of our clients, making sure they receive the best that OFPR marketing and branding has to offer.

Our services include:
Marketing Strategy, Branding & Positioning, Digital Marketing, Social Media Planning & Implementation OFPR understands that developing a brand strategy is one of the most important steps in creating a company’s identity. To begin the development of your brand’s strategy, a clear understanding of the primary target consumer, competition, product and service mix, and unique selling proposition must be defined. A brand is the personality of a product. Therefore, we believe that a brand should not only be visually appealing, but it should represent the company as a whole, engage with your target audience, and have a long-lasting effect.

Our brand development services include Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and Brand Marketing.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is what holds everything together. Our brand strategy services include establishing your brand’s positioning, your brand’s architecture, and your brand’s personality.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the visual and verbal expression of your brand that increases awareness and builds better businesses. Services include logo development, art direction, and visual style development.

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing makes people aware of who you are, what you do, and why that matters. Our brand marketing services include branded advertising, social media marketing, event marketing, and branded merchandise development. A relationship with One FREE Public Relations, Inc., is one of collaboration and trust. We know that by using a disciplined approach and by working together with management, the right answers emerge, as well as the tools needed to build awareness and preference in the marketplace. We consider it an honor to serve our clients in building their businesses and achieving their goals.

Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Strategy serves as the fundamental underpinning of marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objectives.

Branding & Positioning

Branding and Positioning ensures that all brand activity has a common aim; is guided, directed, and delivered by the brand’s benefits/reasons to buy; and focuses at all points of contact with the consumer.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing promotes the brand. OFPR combines proprietary technology with top-notch talent to connect brands that deliver results and customers are satisfied with. We include a whole host of elements, such as television, radio, mobile phones (SMS/MMS), and other forms of digital media.

Social Media Planning & Implementation

Social Media Planning & Implementation is a platform that OFPR utilizes to foster brand awareness and customer service. We recognize that this strategy calls for experimentation and improvement in the context of overall goals, approach, and tactics that are implemented to gain support ranging from quality assurance to accountability.