(FPL) Front Porch Love is a not-for-profit corporation for runaway teens and their parents.

There are challenges in families with teens as these young people struggle with adulthood. Sometimes the communications can go awry.  There is no more friendlier place than the front porch of the home to speak with loved ones, friends and supporters to try to find a way to make things right.

Our mission is simply about open and honest communication to keep relationships intact between teens and their parents. The Front Porch Love approach provides a safe harbor, a neutral meeting grounds for runaways to talk to their parents without the stress of face to face interaction, while simultaneously providing the parents with a sense of security as to the safety and condition of their child.

FPL can act as intermediaries and will offer regularly scheduled group-meetings, where families and/or individuals can come and sit for 60 to 90 minutes and join others in the same position just to talk about how they feel and what has occurred, which has possibly impacted their child’s decision to run away.  More importantly, what it will it to restore the home.

Anonymity will be the key to the success of Front Porch Love, so families can feel safe to be completely honest. We simply want runaways and their parents to see FPL as that place to begin a process in resolving their issues and finding solutions.

***FPL is in the process of applying for recognition of tax-exempt status at the federal, state and local levels.


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